MJB Hoteliers was established by Michael Burchett and Troy Sinclair; a partnership that represents decades of hands on experience throughout Asia.
MJB Hoteliers was born out of the need to create a management company representing the best interests of Owners~Developers, providing advice and management based on a philosophy of seek to understand rather than insist on being understood.
MJB Hoteliers brings a depth of development and management experience, ensuring that the Owner’s vision is incorporated into the design and operation of their hospitality property.
MJB Hoteliers core principles are centered around the relationship between the Owner~Developer and Operator~Manager; being a partnership based on trust and transparency, and an operating management philosophy that encourages empowerment at all levels.


MJB Hoteliers principal philosophy is to understand the desires and needs of the Owner and to work in partnership to achieve their objectives.​

Management Operating Philosophy

With extensive experience throughout Asia and in particular Indonesia, MJBH instills in the team members under management a sense of empowerment, built upon the key qualities of respect, trust, honesty, sincerity, confidence, understanding, flexibility, diligence, caring and passion.

One Team

To work together as one team. To respect and understand each other’s needs. To support and assist each other.  To be flexible and understanding. To be open, honest and communicative.

No Problem

The first response to every request. Be flexible. Avoid confrontation. Nothing is set in stone. The impossible just takes a little longer.​

Keep It Simple

Look for the simplest solution. Use common sense and experience. Think outside the box. Be creative. Be innovative. Be efficient. Be uncompromising in the pursuit of excellence.​

Just Do It

Take ownership. Be confident. Be responsible. Be opportunistic. Be proactive.



MJB Hoteliers tailors its management services to meet the Owner’s vision and requirements. As the Owner’s representative MJBH ensures that what is promised is delivered in a timely and professional manner for existing and new business. MJBH management services include:

Asset Management | Property Operational & Brand Standard Reviews | Quality Assurance Reviews | Operations – Rooms, F&B, Spa and supporting services | Human Resources – Personnel, Recruitment & Training | Business Development – Marketing, Sales, Public Relations, Revenue Management, Reservations | Financial Operating Systems


MJB Hoteliers development and operational experience ensures that the conceptual and development phases incorporate all the aspects required to position the property for success, including functional and efficient designs necessary to support a profitable operation whether for existing or new business including the following:

Concept Development | Architectural Design Reviews | Interior Design Reviews | M&E Design Reviews | Landscaping Design Reviews | Lighting Design Reviews | Environmental Design Reviews | Refurbishment Programs

Technical Services for New Developments

MJB Hoteliers project management experience ensures that each stage during project development receives the necessary oversight and supervision to focus the Designers, Consultants and Contractors on achieving the Owner’s vision.

Project Management | Architectural Design Oversight | Interior Design Oversight | M&E Design Oversight | Landscaping Design Oversight | Lighting Design Oversight |Environmental Design Oversight | FF&E Oversight

Opening Services for New Developments

MJB Hoteliers opening management experience ensures that the opening budget is managed efficiently; that the property will commence operation in a phased or complete state; and is positioned correctly to take advantage of market conditions.

Business Development – Marketing & Public Relations Program | Room Amenity Program | Uniform Design | Brand Standards – Implementation of Graphic & Design Standards |F&B Concept Development & Implementation Operating Standards Development & Implementation | Finance – Policies & Procedures |Human Resources – Policies & Procedures |Recruitment & Training | IT Systems – Implementation  | Operating Equipment – Recommendations & Placement​

Food and Beverage Consultancy

When developing a new concept and strategy for a Food and Beverage project, MJB Hoteliers will take into account multiple variables to ensure the success and longevity of the business. Location, target market, budget, competition, local and worldwide industry trends and logistical concerns. MJBH management services include Concept Development, Design and Reviews.​

Kitchen Design | Kitchen Equipment Selection and Work Coordination | Schedule of Works & Target Dates | Supervision of Installation |Testing of Equipment | Staff Interviewing | Menu Design | Management​

Spa & Wellness Consultancy
MJB Hoteliers has the capability to create and implement a tailored spa and wellness solution for your hotel or resort.Based on vast experience in this field and working with experienced trainers, suppliers, designers and products,MJBH will a profitable spa and wellness business.​

Market Research and Concept Proposal | Design Guidelines | Architectural and Design Reviews | Construction Review |Opening Budget | Marketing and Business Plan | Opening Team Selection | Wellness SOPs | Specialist Training Coordination with Hotel Operations

Hotel/Development Licenses Processing

MJB Hoteliers provides advisory and coordination services for companies requiring licenses and permits to open and operate their business, both for PMA (Foreign Investment) and Local Company developments.

Hospitality (Hotel & Villa) Star Rating |Cafe & Restaurant| Trading and Retail Company |Rental company


MJB Hoteliers has established Sojourn Management in order for villa management adding value to the Owner’s asset through the application of MJBH’s Hotel Principles and Core.

Villa Management | Brand Standards, Learning & Development | Marketing & Sales | Website Design Social Media Management | Financial Services | Maintenance & Refurbishment Programs | F&B Programs | Concierge, Tour & Activities Programs

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MJB Hoteliers project management experience ensures that each stage receives the necessary oversight and supervision to focus the Designers, Consultants and Contractors on achieving the Owner’s vision.

  • Project Management
  • Architectural Design Oversight~Supervision
  • Interior Design Oversight~Supervision
  • M&E Design Oversight~Supervision
  • Landscaping Design Oversight~Supervision
  • Lighting Design Oversight~Supervision
  • Environmental Design Oversight~Supervision
  • FF&E Oversight~Supervision

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